Join our Technical Sales Team!

We have a great opportunity for a candidate to join our Technical Sales team at DCA Instruments Finland.  It is a unique role requiring the right blend of technical understanding of Ultra High Vacuum equipment, an interest in the commercial aspects of how an organisation operates and a desire to support our customers.

Our team, will be based in an all new state-of-the-art facility on the outskirts of Turku and as our business opportunities grow we are looking to develop the next generation of Technical Specialists to support our customers developing the latest Semiconductor, Quantum and Battery materials and devices around the world.

The Role:  Technical Sales Engineer

Your Responsibilities:

  • Communicate with customers to determine the technical solution and provide the necessary quotation
  • Assist the sales team with marketing material and creating content for new technical and company developments
  •  Assist with writing technical documentation such as manuals and company processes.

Your Capabilities:

  • Engineering, Physics,  or equivalent education
  • Excellent communication skills with fluent written and spoken English. A second language such as Chinese would also be advantageous.
  • Ideally you will have a passion for Ultra High Vacuum and a background in materials/device processing via MBE, PLD, PVD or MOCVD.
  • Good organization, self-management, and personal development abilities.
  • Strong presentation skills using MS PowerPoint and online tools such as Zoom or MS Teams.
  • Confidence with Microsoft Office and a wide range of administration tools such as Adobe suite.

Your Background:

  • University Degree or higher in a suitable  Engineering or Physics discipline
  • Ability to work in Finland as an EU national or with existing relevant work permit.

We recognise that as a recent graduate you might not have direct experience in the sales process or experience in writing technical documentation, but we are looking for candidates keen to develop strong commercial skills and a positive attitude to tacking a wide range of different tasks within the business.  A willingness to travel on occasion is also a requirement.

If you think you have what it it takes and are eligible to work in Finland, then please send your CV to

Penn State 3-D virtual tour: M600 MBE cluster system

Are you interested in exploring about our MBE-PVD cluster systems? Or see what makes the M600 system layout so good for MBE?

Why not take a 3D virtual tour of Roman Engel-Herbert’sPenn State University MBE laboratory?  You can even explore using your VR glasses if you have them!

M600 Penn State MBE Lab

Dual-M600 MBE with Automated Transfer System installed at The University of Sheffield

DCA Instruments has installed and commissioned the dual-M600 MBE system with automated transfer at The University of Sheffield. The custom-made UHV system features two M600 MBE chambers for III-V materials, a degas/preparation chamber, an analysis chamber for SIMS, and storage chamber (for up to 20 additional wafers). The automated transfer system (ATS) comprises a central distribution chamber (CDC) with a robotic arm to perform the wafer pick-up and placement. The robot is controlled by highly-sophisticated logic software that allows the user to transfer wafers to/from available chambers, as well as electronically mark wafers/holders in order to restrict access to designated chambers and avoid cross-contamination. DCA’s extensive testing of the robot transfer process ensures high accuracy and reliability. The ATS achieves significantly faster wafer processing and consequently maximises the efficiency of the system.

Ian Farrer and his team at The University of Sheffield will be using the DCA Instruments Dual-MBE System to conduct cutting-edge research into nanostructured materials (quantum dots & wires) with the aim of developing novel technology for quantum computing applications.


Thinking of a new role?

Our MBE systems business for Semiconductors and Quantum device research is growing and we are seeking new team members.

  • MBE Research Specialists
  • Service & Installation
  • UHV Instrumentation & Systems
  • Software & Electronics
  • Instrument & System Assembly

We have openings for designers, engineers and production technicians across all areas.

Please email your CV to:       

How to Safely Hibernate your Vacuum System

Are you looking to hibernate your DCA Thin Film system during a COVID-19 laboratory closure?   

Here are some steps to think about alongside your own procedures.  Any questions, consult your manual or contact us:

  • Pump down all deposition chambers, transfer chambers and load locks to their base pressure.  This will protect activated filaments such as within RHEED source and ion gauges.
  • Close transfer gate valves.  
  • Purge process gas lines, including MFC and Gas manifold, back to the gas bottle.  If you can leave the lines under Argon, then do so.
  • Water lines should be checked for leaks.
  • Materials in your sources, can degrade over long periods.  Do you need to secure these?   Materials in crackers are a particular concern.

Is there a chance of loss of power?

  • Back-up data on PC

Set up Video Calling and have contact details published in laboratory. 

These simple considerations alongside your own laboratory checklist should ensure that your system is back to being operational as soon as you are.

We hope that you and your families stay healthy.  DCA Instruments: SERVICE & SALES


All New DCAX-60 Atom source for Oxides and Nitrides

Our all new DCAX-60 atom source is now available!

Designed to deliver neutral atomic gas species, for the growth of high-quality compound materials such as; GaN, GaInNAs, InGaN, InN, ultra-thin Al2O3 and high-K dielectrics.  As a result of having a 50mm beam diameter DCAX-60 is ideal for research of:

Nitride and Oxide MBE growth

Atomic Hydrogen surface treatments

Reactive Gas generation for UHV Sputtering and PLD applications.


Control is nothing without Precision

A recent delivery of a Thin Film cluster tool for an EU based customer, with precision sample handling demands has allowed us to demonstrate rapid and reliable sample transfer, followed by growth recipes and manipulation.   Why not view our LinkedIn channel, to see the movie?   Built to improve productivity, QCM motion, sample indexing and flipping are all precise, reliable and fast.