The Big Move – March 2022

As the demand for DCA’s high-quality UHV products continues to skyrocket, it was inevitable that the existing DCA headquarters would be outgrown. The time has come therefore, to relocate the factory only 2km away to the new purpose-built and eco-friendly headquarters north of Turku, Finland.

This important transition allows DCA to significantly expand its manufacturing capabilities with the site capacity more than doubling from 2000 m2 to 4500 m2.

The construction of the new headquarters was carefully chosen to minimize the environmental impact and optimize the energy efficiency.  This included replacing the traditional high carbon footprint load-bearing steel beams with massive, engineered wood beams.  The exterior of the building is clad with Siberian Larch and uses low-emissivity triple-glazed glass, providing plenty of natural light and excellent thermal insulation during the Finnish winter. The building is heated and cooled using renewable geothermal energy sourced from 4.5km deep wells. Finally, the building is primed for the installation of an impressive solar panel system that will provide enough renewable energy to meet the demand throughout the year!

A key factor when designing the layout, was to prioritize the UHV system production and guarantee the cleanliness of components progressively improves as you flow through the factory. The expansion includes the installation of new equipment to increase manufacturing capability of 1000 mm diameter chambers (P1000 and M1000), a custom-made cooling system for assembled UHV systems, and ultra-clean process gas lines.

Last but certainly not least, DCA is looking forward to welcoming new personnel across all departments. These individuals will be an essential part of DCA’s plans to increase production capacity and to continue delivering high-quality, custom-designed UHV systems with expert support for our customers.

The transition is planned for March 2022. This is not expected to affect our daily operations, but we appreciate your patience if any minor delays occur during this period.

Wishing all our customers Seasonal Greetings and a prosperous New Year!