Conference: UK Semiconductors 2023

The UK Semiconductors 2023 meeting, will take place at Sheffield Hallam University, UK from 12-13th July 2023.

The conference will include the Future Photonics Hub Industry Day on 12th July. The EPSRC funded Future Photonics Hub helps industry access the latest photonics innovation.

All aspects of semiconductor research are covered in the program including materials science, physics and engineering.

Examples include:

  • Materials: Epitaxy, fabrication, characterization and theoretical properties of Si, Ge, III-Vs (including III-Nitrides), II-Vs, organic semiconductors, hybrid organic/inorganic systems and perovskites. Bulk materials and nanostructures including quantum dots/wires/wells and superlattices. 2D materials including transition metal dichalcogenides.
  • Physics: Electronic and optical properties, photonic bandgap structures ,spintronics, quantum information processing, resonant tunnelling, transport, and magnetic semiconductors.
  • Engineering: All electronic devices from single electron structures through to high-mobility transistors and post Si-C-MOS. All optoelectronic devices from  LEDs, laser diodes and photodetectors, through to cutting-edge, high-power lasers and photovoltaics.

DCA Instruments are a keen supporter of UKS and we can be found in the exhibition zone at booth #20

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Conference Website: UK Semiconductors