A gas plasma created by the DCAX-60 RF Atom Source, is an effective tool for conversion of highly stable source gases such as N2 or O2 to more active atomic and molecular species suitable for MBE growth of electronic materials. The DCAX-60 provides the stability and reproducibility required with a wide beam profile and no gas leakage for both Oxide/Nitride growth and low pressure Doping applications.  For growth applications typically a 37 x 0.5mm aperture pattern is suitable, whilst for doping applications, a 5 x 0.5mm pattern is best suited to enable growth of materials such as GaAsN. Depending on aperture pattern, the DCAX-60, can have up to a 50mm beam diameter, designed for large wafer sizes (>100mm). One piece discharge bulbs are available in Quartz, PBN and Alumina depending on application.

Benefits of using the  DCAX-60 for Oxide/Nitride MBE are:

Single unit discharge bulb
The single bulb prevent gas leakage and optimises control at low dosing fluxes.

Easy replacement of discharge bulb
The discharge bulb does not use a VCR brazed connection between gas inlet and discharge bulb. Competitor units using
a VCR fitting will eventually seize on the gas inlet. The low replacement cost of the DCAX-60 discharge bulb allows an
operator to use optimised material and hole patterns within budget.

Automatic Matching Network (AMN)
AMN as standard ensures stable growth conditions and optimizes power efficiencies.

Ideal for small and large substrates (25-200mm)
The large beam diameter (50mm) makes the DCAX-60 ideal for substrates of 100mm/4” or larger, whilst a small diameter
hole pattern provides a focussed beam for smaller substrates.

Water cooled gas inlet
The DCAX-60 incorporates a unique water-cooled gas inlet, to help contain the plasma in the discharge zone, for high rate
film growth at high powers and gas flux.

Rapid bakeout preparation
DCA, have integrated the mounting of the AMN, for quick and easy removal for system bakeout.

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