Multi-Chamber UHV System (Sputter, PLD and MBE) with Automated Transfer installed Trinity College Dublin

DCA Instruments completed the installation of an extensive UHV Multi-Chamber System at Trinity College Dublin funded by Science Foundation Ireland. The complete system offers multiple deposition techniques with rapid deposition from the two SP450 sputter chambers, controllable high-quality material deposition with the V450 molecular beam epitaxy chamber, and lastly high-precision growth with the PLD500 pulsed laser deposition chamber.

The customised sputter chambers are of particular interest as they provide unique deposition capabilities. Two target-facing as well as six confocal sputter magnetrons are available in one chamber,  while the second sputter chamber features six 2″ confocal magnetrons and a magnetic coil positioned at substrate level that applies a magnetic field during growth. Furthermore, specially-designed sample manipulators not only form part of the ATS (automated transfer system) but also feature motorised z-motion to adjust the working distance,  tunable substrate bias to assist with growth or perform a pre-growth wafer treatment and an oxygen-compatible heater capable of uniformly heating the wafer up to 1100oC (or 950oC in an oxygen enviroment).

The PLD500 target manipulator also features a unique-design that simultaneously rocks and rotates the selected target material to ensure uniform erosion. This allows the laser source to remain stationary and removes the need for laser rastering. The target manipulator also features linear motion to adjust the working distance as desired.  The PLD500 also features; a substrate manipulator suitable for up to 2″ wafers and equipped with the same oxygen-compatible heater as the sputter chambers, a differentially pumped Torr RHEED system to allow RHEED analysis at higher pressures,

The equipment is part of the National Access Facility that allows researchers and engineers from both academia and industry to use the DCA System for materials research and technology development for novel applications.