Effusion Cell for Titanium

DCA offers a unique solution where liquid titanium can be evaporated from an effusion cell. The DCA high temperature effusion cell is combined with a special crucible developed for liquid titanium.

The maximum operating temperature of the source is 2000 °C. Source can be ordered with a temperature control package including a Eurotherm PID controller and a DC power supply.

The special crucibles are available with 10 cc and 25 cc volume.

Cell Model Flange Water-cooling I.V.L. O.D. Shutter
10cc HT CF35 215 39
10cc HT CF63 yes 215 / 292 61 yes*
10cc HT CF100 yes 215 / 292 61 yes*
25cc HT CF63 yes 215 / 292 61
25cc HT CF100 yes 215 / 292 61