P600 R&D MBE system

The P600 MBE R&D version is a versatile research MBE system with 12 ports for effusion cells or other sources.

The P600 can be equipped with a manually operated linear wafer transfer system or a fully automatic circular central distribution chamber (CDC) transfer system.

The P600 growth chamber has a removable source flange. This allows splitting the chamber in to two parts for thorough cleaning of the cryo panels from deposits. The growth chamber has a very extensive cryo panelling with large volume and surface area. This makes it possible to switch quickly from arsenide to phosphide during growth.


  • Removable source flange and two part cryo panel
  • Can be delivered with two sets of cryo panels
  • Cryo panels can be exchanged in one working day
  • Designed for GaAs, GaSb, InP, CdTe, HgCdTe, ZnO and GaN epitaxy
  • 4”, 3” or 2” substrate manipulator