Laser MBE – UHV Pulsed Laser Deposition System

The PLD 500 is an advanced UHV pulsed laser deposition system for epitaxial growth of oxide materials. The system is available in two configurations – target facing up or target facing down.

The PLD 500 system has a computer controlled target holder which allows indexing, rotation and scanning of the target under the laser beam. The laser beam is held in a fixed position to keep the laser spot size unchaged during deposition. The substrate is heated either using an oxygen resistant SiC heater or high power diode laser.


  • 6 x 1″ motorized target holder with target indexing, rotation and scanning
  • Fixed laser position to maintain laser focus
  • Oxygen resistant heater up to 1000 oC
  • Target exchange through load lock chamber
  • Optional laser heater up to 1500 oC
  • High pressure 50 keV RHEED
  • Plume diagnostic ports

The PLD 500 is compatible with all DCA substrate transfer systems as described here.

UHV PLD system with target facing up. The substrate is heated with a diode laser.

UHV PLD system with target facing down.