Linear Substrate Transfer System with UHV Buffer

The DCA linear substrate transfer mechanism has been designed to provide easy and reliable substrate transfer between the load lock and any of the process chambers. The substrate transfer is through a UHV buffer chamber which acts as a UHV interface between the load lock and process chambers.

The transfer system includes a movable trolley which can hold up to twelve substrates depending on the substrate size.. The trolley runs on a stainless steel track which extends through the whole load lock/buffer chamber system. The trolley movement is achieved using magnetically coupled rotary drives housed on regular intervals on the sides of the load lock/buffer chamber modules. The trolley has a rack and pinion assembly on the bottom of the trolley which couples with these rotary drives. The DCA transfer system does not use wires or chains inside the vacuum.

The linear transfer system can be extended without limitations. The buffer module can also house pre-heating, analysis and various deposition sources.

Typical linear substrate transfer system with cassette load lock chamber and a UHV buffer chamber.

UHV Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD) connected with two UHV sputtering chambers.

Multi chamber deposition system with three MBE growth chambers, UHV sputtering chamber and an analysis chamber connected with linear buffer line.