High Temperature Effusion Cell

The high temperature effusion cell features a special self-supporting tungsten filament and a design to minimize material accumulation at the crucible orifice.

The maximum operating temperature of the cell is 2000 °C.

The cell has a C-type thermocouple for temperature control. The control package includes a Eurotherm PID controller and a DC power supply. The set up provides excellent temperature stability, 0.1 °C.

The cells are available with 2 cc, 6 cc, 10 cc and 25 cc volume.

DCA offers tantalum, pyrolytic graphite, molybdenum, tungsten, glassy carbon and oxide crucibles. DCA also offers a crucible especially designed for evaporation of liquid titanium.

Cell ModelFlangeWater-coolingI.V.L.O.D.Shutter
2cc HTCF35yes21536yes*
6cc HTCF35yes21539yes*
10cc HTCF3521539
10cc HTCF63yes215 / 29261yes*
10cc HTCF100yes215 / 29261yes*
25cc HTCF63yes215 / 29261
25cc HTCF100yes215 / 29261