Dual Filament Effusion Cell

The dual filament effusion cell features DCA’s patented flat foil filament design minimizing the temperature difference between filament and crucible.

The cell has two independent filaments – the main filament and the top filament. The top filament power can be adjusted to keep material from condensing on the crucible orifice, while keeping the main filament power at a suitable level for material evaporation.

The cell has a C-type thermocouple for temperature control. The control package includes a Eurotherm PID controller and two DC power supplies. The set up provides excellent temperature stability of 0.1 °C.

The dual filament cell is designed for continuous use up to 1400 °C temperature.

The cells are available with 6 cc, 13 cc, 23 cc, 40 cc, 60 cc, 100 cc and 200 cc volume.

Special high capacity crucible and insert sets are available for the dual filament cells. The special crucible and insert provide more volume and reduce material consumption. The insert dimensions are calculated separately for each chamber geometry, to reach excellent uniformity and improve source material utlilization.

Cell Model Flange Water-cooling I.V.L. O.D.
6cc Dual CF35 215 39
13cc Dual CF35 215 39
23cc Dual CF35 215 39
40cc Dual CF63 yes 215 / 292 61
60cc Dual CF63 yes 215 / 232 /292 61
100cc Dual CF100 yes 292 80
100cc Dual CF100 292 80
200cc Dual CF100 yes 292 99
200cc Dual CF100 292 99