P600 MBE system installed at the Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics

DCA has completed the installation of a P600 MBE system at the Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics (SITP) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The P600 is designed to grow high-quality thin films of III-V semiconductors, with a focus on phosphorous compounds. The system features a linear buffer chamber with preheating stage (950oC) for degassing and cleaning samples prior to entering the growth chamber.

State-of-the-art reactive-oxide MBE system installed at University of St. Andrews

This summer DCA installed a state-of-the-art dual-chamber MBE system at the School of Physics and Astronomy, University of St. Andrews in Scotland. The custom-designed MBE system boasts two R450  growth chambers, a DCA-patented o-zone delivery system, and a linear buffer chamber equipped with sample storage.  A bespoke vacuum suitcase that enables the transportation and transfer of samples under UHV to external analysis systems  is included with the system.  This unique DCA system provides a gateway to producing promising new technological applications.
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Published Article – Physics Review B – SIMIT

The Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology (SIMIT) took advantage of combining reactive MBE (DCA Instruments R450) and in-situ angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy to systematically study the evolution of the low-energy electronic structure of SrRuO3 films with thickness thinning down to a nearly two-dimensional limit. Read more

Published Article – Nature Communications – Max Planck Institute

Dr. Gennady Logvenov at the Max Planck Institute employed the DCA R450 dual oxide MBE system to synthesize more than 100 epitaxial superlattices, in which single LaO layers in the La2CuO4 structure were substituted by SrO layers with the desired periodicity. The study represents a successful example of two-dimensional doping of superconducting oxide systems and demonstrates its power in this field. Read more

Published Article – Crystal Growth and Design – Paul Drude Institute

The Paul-Drude-Institute in Berlin employed the DCA P600 plasma-assisted MBE system to develop a novel technique for integrating strain-free GaN crystals on micrometer-sized patterned Si(0 0 1) substrates. The good optical properties together with the faceted morphology of the GaN crystals could be beneficial for the integration of space filling, multidirectional III−N/Si(0 0 1) light-emitting diodes. Read more

Dual R450 Oxide MBE installed at the Nanjing University

DCA has installed an extensive multi-chamber MBE system at the National Laboratory of Solid State Microstructures of Nanjing University in China. Read more

DCA to deliver a complex oxide MBE system to the University of Nancy-Lorraine

The University of Nancy-Lorraine in France is expanding their thin film depositions capabilities. They selected DCA R450 oxide MBE system for their oxide epi program. The system will be delivered to the new customer site in September 2015 Read more

New retractable effusion cell

New retractable effusion cell to be used to protect the cell charge from oxidation when the growth chamber is vented.

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R450 system at the Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics (SITP)

DCA has completed the installation of an R450 MBE system at the Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics (SITP) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

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